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Rewarding drinking, with Award-Winning Wines from Di Sante Winery

Time to raise our glass to our supplier Di Sante Wineries, in recognition of their hard work, dedication and passion for their family business: making excellent organic wine.

Mr. Tommaso Di Sante

The Di Sante winery, producer of our much-appreciated Organic Trio (Gazza Sangiovese in purity, Giglio Bianchello in purity and Illa, a lovely Rosee blend, all three organic feats for the senses) has seen one of their products recently awarded with the recognition of being within the top 10 wines in Italy for quality/price ratio.

The awarder, the well known, respected and much followed Italian wine critique and blogger “Doctor Wine”, has selected the Di Sante’s Red Organic Sangiovese “Gazza” as one of Italy’s 10 best, in his list.

Cheers, therefore: to many more nurtured masterpieces yet to come in the future, from our partner Di Sante Winery!

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