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The Organic Trio

Giglio, Organic Bianchello del Metauro D.O.C.
Illa, Organic Marche Rosee I.G.T.
Gazza, Organic Sangiovese Colli Pesaresi D.O.C.

This Organic Trio is composed of 1 hearthy white, a delightful rosee and a robust yet amiable red, all organic, of course, and all produced by Di Sante winery, located in Marche, Italy.

That Italian Guy has gone digging deep into the hills between Pesaro and Fano (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Province_of_Pesaro_and_Urbino) in Marche region, to find a little gem of tradition and big joy to the palate.

The famiglia (family) Di Sante has been making wine for generations. The wine tradition lies therefore deep, almost in their DNA. Yet, by visiting their farm and cantina (cellar, or place where wine is kept and sold) one gets the sense of past meeting modern times.

They welcome visitors in an old fashioned, gentlemanly and charming way, typical of the countryside. But then they lead you into their cantina and there you may really sense the pride they hold into their success history: the old rural building with very thick brick and stone walls looks from the inside as if it has been revisited, upgraded. You find yourself tasting their lovely products while admiring the cellars through a thick glass panel on the floor, which reveals the old barrels in the basement. And everything around speaks of a modern family exploring the boundaries of the traditional ways by using modern tools.

They have gone organic long ago, acknowledging the demand for a more respectful way of growing vines and other agricultural products, as well. And they have done it intelligently, by coming out with a very interesting range of products, among which the featured ones, which we have chosen for our patrons:

We cordially invite you to try and enjoy the crispy, mineral freshness of these products and, to keep it philologically correct, here is a link with a delicious local seafood-base dish, which may be accompanied either by Giglio or also by Illa. Please experience “brodetto”: https://www.gourmettraveller.com.au/recipes/browse-all/brodetto-18610

Enjoy the wines and the dish. Just remember: always chill your wines, in particular the white and the rosee (we suggest for these 8 degrees); a rustic bread such as sourdough makes a lovely pairing and dunking tool for the “brodetto” recipe (thanks to the gourmet traveller for the english version of the recipe).


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