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Sangiovese from Marche Region

Marche region of Italy, known for its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is home to an underrated wine grape variety called Sangiovese. Sangiovese not only co-stars across Italy in blends of many famed wines (Chianti in neighbouring Tuscany, Montefalco Rosso of neighbouring Umbria, or many excellent rosee wines), but it also shines as a solo provider of pleasure in single-vine products and Marche offers a unique and distinct expression of this versatile grape.

Marche Region

Marche’s winemakers, dedicated to preserving traditional winemaking techniques, have elevated Sangiovese’s stature, enhancing the region’s reputation in the world of Italian wines.

Sangiovese thrives in the diverse terroirs of the Marche region, ranging from hilly slopes to coastal plains. The local microclimates and soils imbue the grape with its own distinct personality. Sangiovese wines from Marche are typically medium-bodied with an elegant structure, offering vibrant acidity, balanced tannins, and a rich spectrum of flavours. The wine displays notes of red cherry, plum, violet, and sometimes a hint of herbs, making it incredibly food-friendly and versatile.

Today, we bring to you 3 fulgid examples of the products of this splendid grape:

Gazza, Organic Sangiovese Colli Pesaresi D.O.C., by Azienda Agricola Di Sante.

    Voted top 10 best wines of Italy for quality/price ratio 2022, this red wine is a blend of dominant Sangiovese, together with 15% of Montepulciano. Hand harvested from organic agriculture, it brings to your nose intense hints of red berries, mixed with enticing balsamic notes. Structured, with a solid but well-balanced tannin, it offers a slight acidity and freshness deriving from its young age and from the sandstone rich soils. Excellent when paired with red meats, aged cheese and board cuts, it represents great quality and value per dollar.

    Illa, Organic Marche Rosee I.G.T., by Azienda Agricola Di Sante.

    A blend of Sangiovese in majority with Montepulciano and Aleatico, this Rosee delivers an amazing dry finish, after a velvety, freshly mineral and peary sensation to the palate. At the nose, violets and floral scents. Extremely versatile in pairings, excellent after proper chilling.

    Goccione, Colli Pesaresi Sangiovese D.O.C. by Azienda Agricola Lucarelli.

    Hand picked in several passes, in order to guarantee a proper maturation of the grapes, tonneaux, malolactic fermentation, 18-24 months ripening and 12 months of aging in bottle, make this red an important wine.

    Characterized by a limpid ruby red color it offers to the nose scents of violet, red rose, red hibiscus, pink pepper, pomegranate, and cumin. Mentholated freshness can also be perceived. On the palate, it is fresh, with very fine tannins and hummus, mineral, balsamic, and seaside cliff hints.

    Sangiovese, in the Marche region, represents an exciting and often overlooked facet of Italian winemaking. With its distinctive characteristics, historical significance, and growing reputation, Sangiovese from Marche deserves recognition and exploration. By indulging in a glass of Marche Sangiovese, wine enthusiasts can embark on a journey through the region’s unique terroirs and savour the hidden gem that is Sangiovese in the Marche region.

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