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Our journey begins with the east coast of Italy

Marche region


Far from the obvious and most common routes, this region is the mirror image of Tuscany, being located exactly on the opposite coast, on the other side of the Apennine Mountains that run through Italy from north to south. Similar climate, geology, geography, landscape and culture with Tuscany make Marche a fantastic vine-growing ground, with a huge variety of wines produced, either white, red and rosee.

We went all the way out there to dig the following hidden treasures for you:

•Azienda Agricola Di Sante (Organic Wine)

•Azienda Agricola Lucarelli Roberto (Wine)

•Frantoio Oleario Marcolini (EVO – Olive Oil)

and more will follow soon…

We conduct our explorations outside of the mainstream channels. This brings us closer to the local and original wine culture, to fabulous sightseeing, thrilling discoveries and tasting experiences.

It is always the business owners who meet us personally and do the honors, according to the typical tradition of welcoming visitors and sharing with the them the produce of the soil and the fruits of their hard labour.

Courtesy of Azienda Agricola Di Sante, depicting 3nd generation owner, Mr. Di Sante.

Some additional curiosities about Marche region: home of many artists of the past and some contemporary celebrities, it is a paradise for cuisine lovers. Some of the many celebrities are: Gioacchino Rossini (famous opera composer: The Barber of Seville, The Thieving Magpie, etc.), Raphael (one of the prominent painters and architects of the Renaissance) and, more recently, Valentino Rossi (probably the most successful world champion of motorbiking of all times). One thing certainly unites them all: they love or used to love good cooking and genuine wine. Rossini, in particular, was famed to be a prominent gourmand and a lover of good wine: some of his original recipes are still popular in restaurants worldwide.

Urbino, Marche, hometown of Raphael, in its glorious and unvaried Renaissance appearance. A few km away from our supplier, Azienda Lucarelli

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